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Design & Development

We perform the design services with unremarkable quality and support using our wide a range of experience in all the major engineering & mechanical edge.Read More »

System Integration

Our extended support as system integrator by assembling test systems, procuring special parts and by providing electronic hardware and software necessary for commissioning of electro-mechanical test system.Read More »

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Our uniqueness is placed to continuously create the opportunities to effectively reduce lead time and costs, using our best in class infrastructure, processes and industry knowledge.Read More »

Prototyping & Testing

Origin provides testing facilities for components and assemblies as a part of its portfolio. This will help our customers to arrive at design solutions in a single step by partnering with us.Read More »

Who We Are

Origin D-Fab, a highly focused and specialist in engineering solutions, enjoys the advantage of being niche in the areas of design and development of test rigs. Origin D-Fab engineering was founded with the idea of developing and delivering world class engineering designs in an ever changing and competitive market.

Origin provides solutions, right from the concept design to product launch, including product validation (both virtual and physical testing), prototyping and production support. with its vast experience and sheer commitment, Origin has been the offshore partner of choice for multiple…

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Bionic Structures

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Complex Geometries

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Additive Manufacturing

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