Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Origin’s most important values are being integrity and loyal. Being honest, genuine and totally open in communication about all matters that concern the company is integrity. Good news travel slowly, but bad news should travel fast. Putting our best efforts into our work for the good of the company and its development is loyalty.

Based on the values of integrity and loyalty of our people, Origin wishes to continue to grow for the benefit of our shareholders and employees, as well as the well-being of communities in which we live and work.

Manage Change

Change is all around us at all times. Do not be blind or deaf to it. Change creates opportunities. We like to analyse change, discuss it with others, evaluate and challenge our own thoughts. We see change as the life force of our company and seek to manage it with understanding and wisdom.

Look for the unusual

The unusual is interesting; it challenges our intellect and creative spirit. At all levels, our people are invited to look for the unusual and see how it can benefit our business. This is essential to our success. The unusual may be exactly what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Keep things simple

Life only seems to be complicated. Technicalities may be so; good business is not. Choices and decisions are difficult at times, but not complicated. Putting down our thoughts on a single piece of paper is often useful – it helps clear the mind.

Listen, Learn and React

No one knows everything, but we all know something. By listening to other people’s ideas and thoughts we broaden our horizons. To listen before speaking is to learn. The wise man or woman always benefits from the knowledge and experience of others. After listening and learning, we can decide how to react. Never forget that doing nothing is also a decision.