Fatigue Test Rig

Fatigue test rig

This was our first roto-dynamic test rig developed for performing a fatigue test.

It was developed to determine the fatigue life of the ball bearings. Two rigs were developed over a period of two years and concepts for both were designed and developed by Origin’s team of engineers.

The first rig developed was designed to apply load in a horizontal direction at a specified race angle. The second concept involved application of load of up to 12 ton at angle of 45 degrees. The challenging aspects were in design optimization without compromising on the structural integrity of the rig, maintaining the exact 4-point contact in the race way, developing a manufacturing process for machining higher hardened materials with a HRC of 45 and maintaining a tolerance of under 50 microns for the test area.

The criticality and safety of the assembly were given a priority in the project as the test rig weighed over 4 ton. The design was subjected to Analysis and FMEA. The system was integrated with a hydraulic power pack that could apply varying load of up to 12 ton with an electronic control panel and inductive load cell to control the application of load using NI card. The system was also upgraded with a greasing system to lubricate the race way and safety mesh enclosure for the entire rig.