Test rig for Aerospace

Test Rig for Aerospace

This was the first project to be taken up by Origin for a client from the aerospace sector. Origin successfully made its mark in the niche market for test rigs and systems by successfully developing the rig and executing the project with enormous technical challenges in short duration of time.

The project involved several challenges including design and manufacturing of complex aerofoil profiles and creation of special tools to develop and manufacture the product. It also proved to be a learning curve and gave us an opportunity to nurture a team of young and dynamic engineers and also develop a network of suppliers who could help in realization of the product.

The scope of the project consisted of design for manufacturing and assembly, Stack up for tolerance. Most parts of the test rig were created by Casting, adhering to strict quality standards by performing Radiography and ultrasonic tests, NDT, hydrostatic testing to check for leakage. The machining process involved profile milling, turning, creation of special tools and 5th axis machining.